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Shipping & Delivery Info

  • We are a digital license provider. We have both ( Physical and Online ) delivery methods. For physical products, we will deliver them in 3 ( 7 days maximum for outside Dhaka. days  Instead,  For Online we will provide them to you via email within 24 hours.
  • Fastest delivery
  • Order Process time takes at least 24 hours.
  • Delivery time 30 min [ maximum 24 h ]
  • For online delivery you will not need to pay delivery costs. But you must pay first for Offline delivery.
  • Cash on delivery only for Dhaka city. Only full payment orders accepted
  • Outside Dhaka have no cash on delivery. 
  • Outside Bangladesh only online delivery.
  • We called to verify the number and confirm the order for only cash on delivery for Bangladesh.
  • Order tracking or order updates available. You can track it on our website and also can check with a delivery service company. We will send you every detail for the track.
  • Inside Dhaka approximately 24-72 hours (Delivery Time).
  • Outside Dhaka approximately 2-7 days (Delivery Time).
  • Customer can check the product in front of the delivery person.